I just received Martina’s report from her trip to South Sudan and Uganda from February 12 to March 2. There is a lot of information and many, many photos so I’m going to split the report into several posts. Check back all this week for more coverage!

From February 12-22 Martina visited the Outpatient Department/Accident & Emergency Department at Juba Teaching Hospital to evaluate the situation and needs with Dr Mayen Achiek, Assistant Professor of Surgery, College of Medicine, Consultant Surgeon, Juba Teaching Hospital. The hospital is overcrowded as a result of the current crisis so patients are sleeping two to a bed and even on the floor; there is one nurse for up to 40 patients.

Patients at the A&E Department only find space on the floor outside

Many beds hold 2 or more patients

Many patients stay days, sometimes weeks here

Patient on the floor, final stage AIDS

Dr. Mayen Achiek and RMF’s Okang Wilson Ezekiel

X-ray division at the OPD

Patients waiting

The only examination table for the OB/GYN OPD

Exhausted mother and baby on the floor of the OPD

Patients on the floor of the OPD

Mother and baby

We also followed up on RMF’s projects in South Sudan, i.e. Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery; Juba Teaching Hospital projects and held follow up meetings with Master Trainers of the Respectful Maternity Care Training Pilot Program and with the team, partners, and stakeholders, in addition to meetings with the Ministry of Health and JTH.

With respect to RMF’s emergency supply shipment from January 10, 2014, Dr. Wani Lolik Lado, Director General, JTH stated, “The supplies provided by RMF in January are what still keeps the hospital stable now. We know we can always count on RMF to deliver.”

RMF Team and Dr. Lolik Lado

We also visited the wards and storage facilities to follow up on medicines, medical supplies and equipment delivered on January 10, 2014. I was impressed with the careful and high impact use:

Oxygen concentrator at the OB/Gyn Department

New wheelchair at the OB/Gyn Department

At the maternity ward

At the Outpatient Department

X-ray supplies at the Outpatient Department, Radiology

At the Pediatric Department

Over one million people have been displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict in South Sudan; 803,200 have been displaced within the country. The people of South Sudan need your help, so please consider making a donation to Juba Teaching Hospital by clicking here, and check back tomorrow for an update on the Pediatric Ward.

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