As part of my visit, we followed up on RMF’s work at the Pediatric Wards of Juba Teaching Hospital. As part of a Health Systems Strengthening project, RMF began upgrading the infrastructure at JTH in the spring of 2013, starting with the wards of the Pediatric Department. RMF is also supporting the procurement of furniture, medical equipment, and supplies for the Pediatric Department.

Milestones achieved include the full renovation of Pediatric Wards 5 and 7 (total bed capacity of 120 beds), development of guidelines and policies and provision of supplies for the maintenance of the renovated Pediatric Wards; recruitment of additional staff; removal and disposal of large amounts of regular and medical waste, and design and initiation of a waste disposal management program; training of nursing staff in charge in various departments on the importance of infection control and waste segregation in the wards/outpatient departments; procurement of protective gear; facilitation of and regular monitoring and supportive supervision of the JTH healthcare workers on policy guidelines; support of high speed Wi-Fi internet services for JTH Resource Centre providing internet access to doctors and nurses at the hospital; assessment for improving water and sanitation situation at JTH; pilot training program on Respectful Maternity Care.

The renovation of the Pediatric Wards has reduced re-infection rates among children on admission and also improved working conditions for healthcare professionals and JCONAM (Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery) students on their clinical rotations, and, above all, increased the quality of care patients receive and started to increase the number of patients coming for medical treatment.

Dr. Martina Fuchs with the head of the Pediatric Department, Dr. Hassan Chollong

During the recent crisis, the children have been evacuated, and the newly renovated Pediatric Wards have been hosting wounded soldiers and other army personnel.

Meeting with the Master Trainers of RMF’s Respectful Maternity Care Training Pilot Program in November/ December 2013 to discuss impact, behavior change and next steps:

Master Trainer Meeting – Respectful Maternity Care Training

Master Trainer Jamila

Master Trainer Siama

Okang Wilson Ezekiel, Dr. Martina Fuchs with RMF Midwifery students at the JTH Maternity Ward

Next up: Dr. Fuchs’ visit to the South Sudan/Uganda border and a visit to Nimule Hospital.

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