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Youth Team Member Judah . . on the road pt. 1

November 22, 2008 - Uganda

by Judah Yarberry

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m very nervous and excited. I’m nervous because planes sometimes give me air sickness, and I’m excited because it will be my fourth time going to Africa, and going to Africa is very fun! I’m looking forward to seeing my cat and chicken at the Mama Kevina school, and I’m really excited about seeing if I can catch any more crickets. Of course I’m also looking forward to seeing Patrick and David at the Mama Kevina school, who were my “kid-sitters” before. I hope to play soccer with the kids that live near the school, but I’m not excited to have to do all my school work on the trip!

One trip I found chameleons, another time I found a tortoise, and I’ve seen all kinds of big and little animals when I’m there. I’ve gotten a cat, a chicken, and so I always look forward to all the animals of Africa.

The refugees at Kiryadongo Settlement Camp are the people I’m going to give the toys, pencil sharpeners, pencils, and other school supplies to. I got alot of clothes from my classsmates at Connections Public Charter School that I will give to the Africans because they might only have one pair of clothes, and those may have rips in them. I want to give them to the kids that live near Mama Kevina school, who have been taking care of my chicken and my cat while I’ve been away.

This year we are thinking of doing a presentation at the Hilo Public Library when we get back. It will be all about the projects we are working on in Kenya and Uganda.

Talk to you more soon!

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