Giving back by getting away

DonationTravel joins Real Medicine to help Turkana, Kenya.

Between now and March 21st, DonationTravel will be donating $0.10 per search to RMF Turkana relief. Go to and begin your search.

DonationTravel was designed to give back without slowing down.

"We are trying to create a new way of doing business," says DonationTravel’s Founder. "Up until recently, money from marketing and advertising on these kinds of sites has bypassed all the philanthropic concepts that drive people to do good. This is, in a way, creating a marketing campaign that instead of supporting other corporations, supports non-profits."

Regardless of which search engine or travel site you normally use, chances are you can search them through DonationTravel and get the exact the same cost. In fact, there are so many options that you may find that the search engine you were using is not actually the cheapest.

So, next time you are planning on taking  a trip, take a moment to give back by searching and purchasing through DonationTravel.

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