Katherine Fulton: You are the future of philanthropy

From TED.com: In this uplifting talk, Katherine Fulton sketches the new future of philanthropy — one where collaboration and innovation allow regular people to do big things, even when money is scarce. Giving five practical examples of crowd-driven philanthropy, she calls for a new generation of citizen leaders.

“This is a moment in history where the average person has more power than at any time”—Katherine Fulton

Katherine Fulton believes, as we do, that each one of us holds the future of civilization in our hands. Through our actions, big and small, we can create our future and with time and commitment we can change the course of human history.

This is a time when the old ways of giving are being challenged and giving is becoming a mass collaboration that is not wholly centered around money but around the giving of time and skill as well, the giving of the self to the whole. The business of benevolence, philanthropy, is no longer in the hands of larger groups and corporations but in the hands of all of us, individuals working as a collective to change things for the better.

Today calls for a new generation of citizen leaders that are committed to growing and learning and creating in their own lives. A generation dedicated to the idea that when you better yourself—when you commit to a future that you want to see, when you make a point to learn and be connected, when you do things out of love—you can better the lives of all of us around the world.

Ask yourself, as Katherine Fulton does, “What will your great-grand child think of you? What is the story you most want them to tell about you?”

Do something. Make an effort to find out what is going on in your world, and find a way to be a part of the change you want to see.

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