We are proud to report that donations have been tallied and our first Beauty for Real™ event was a success!

On Saturday February 16, Dr. Tanya Kormeili and Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy of West Hollywood hosted Beauty for Real™ a unique fundraiser that aimed to have people show their beauty from the inside out.  Attendees could obtain a number of cosmetic services – at a one-time discount, with proceeds going to Real Medicine – from Dr. Kormeili, a popular LA dermatologist (who has been seen on The Doctors and in media worldwide).

Beauty for Real™ is part of our efforts to make philanthropy part of people’s everyday lives. It’s the newest in a series of events we’re doing (Run for Real™, Walk for Real™, Food for Real™ — and a new one we’re about to announce!)

The Beauty for Real™ event began at 3pm, but people were already peeking in the door an hour before.  By 3pm we were in full swing, with Dr. Kormeili offering a range of cosmetic injections, glycolic peels, B12 shots and more to those who had booked in advance, as well as passersby. Patients waiting in line chatted, enjoying catered goods from Café d’Etoile in the beautiful, bright setting of Great Earth’s pharmacy.

While patients gathered inside, Real Medicine befriended everyone and everyone along Santa Monica Blvd, inviting them in (with some success!) and recruiting runners for the upcoming LA Marathon on March 17th.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Dr. Kormeili, who has become a friend of Real Medicine, as well as to Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy for opening your doors and hearts to us.  And we thank everyone who came out to Beauty for Real™ to show your support. Your attendance means that we can continue to fund projects across the globe, and that is beautiful!


Read GroomedLA’s coverage of Beauty for Real™ and their interview with Dr. Martina Fuchs here: http://www.groomed-la.com/2013/02/lacee-sits-down-with-martina-fuchs-of-real-medicine-foundation-.html


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