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Talhatta Clinic Quarterly Progress Report, RMF: Pakistan

June 14, 2010 - Pakistan

Dr. Zahoor Uddin and Jonathan White

Our clinic in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Hashoo Foundation, continues to successfully serve the surrounding communities in this fragile and underserved area of Northern Pakistan, being the only access to healthcare for 6-7 Union Councils and 150,000 people. Many walk a full day to visit the clinic, confident that they will receive good healthcare service. The clinic is the only one in this area having two LHVs (Lady Health Vistors) among its staff, which has encouraged many women and girls to visit the clinic premises with ease and confidence.

From January 1st, 2010 to March 31st, 2010, 6,029 patients were diagnosed and treated at the RMF-HF Health Unit Talhatta. During the quarter under review, the figures show that the patients visiting the unit consist of 41% males and 59% females. Overall, 27% of the patients were children.

Also during this quarter, 225 women came for antenatal visits, 268 women visited the health unit for gynecological problems, and remarkable 169 women visited the RMF-HF health unit for family planning. 45 emergency cases were referred to secondary and tertiary care hospitals for further treatment by our mountain ambulance which is medically equipped with oxygen, emergency first aid supplies and a full resuscitation kit.

Patient data:

Most of the diseases diagnosed and treated result from the harsh Himalayan weather and living conditions of the patients: Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI): 36; Gastrointestinal Diseases: 18.1; Scabies: 6; General body aches and weaknesses: 6.7; Urinary Tract Infections: 5.8; Hypertension: 5.4. Cases of suspected meningitis (12), acute abdomen (6), burns (7), acute appendicitis (8) and acute jaundice syndrome (12) were less frequent. These cases were subsequently referred to secondary and tertiary care hospitals for further treatment.
10 to 15 patients are also benefiting from home consultations each month.

Our health unit generates Quarterly Morbidity Reports (QMR), which are also shared with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
New proposals for clinic:

Three new proposals have been submitted for an expansion of this project: one relates to the integration of a fully-fledged Maternal Child Health Centre within the clinic; the second one proposes the creation of a community outreach program to train 40 Community Health Workers in the catchments areas, and the third proposes the addition of a pathology lab to the existing structure.

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