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Sonu-NRC Patient of the Month

It's all in the follow-up

November 03, 2010 - India

by Caitlin McQuilling

Its all in the follow-up.

photo: Sonu, when he first arrived at the NRC

Sonu, one of our NRC’s most dramatic success stories, was back at the NRC for his second follow up looking positively chubby.  All children who are treated at RMF’s NRC come back every 15 days for 2 months for follow-up clinics to ensure that the children are still healthy and gaining weight.  They are seen by our pediatrician, given a nutritious meal, and given a transportation allowance to allow them to get to the NRC and back home.  These are always our staff’s favorite days of the month when we get to see the children again who we had bonded so much with over the 2-3 weeks they were in our care.

photo: Sonu today!

To the RMF India team these follow up visits are just as important as the in-patient care because they help ensure that the weight gains our children achieved during their time as an inpatient can be sustained over the long term. RMF doesn’t stop after the government’s 4 required follow-ups are completed.  RMF assigns one Community Nutrition Educator to each child discharged from the NRC who visit the family every 2 weeks.  At the home they provide targeted counseling to the caregivers, ensuring that they understand the lessons they learned at the NRC and can apply them to a real life context.

For RMF, the NRC follow-up is never over.

With Sonu, so far so good!

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