Port-au-Prince, Haiti
February 9, 2010
By Kevin Connell and Michael Lear

Despite substantial progress made by the international aid agencies in coordinating food and water distribution, challenges continue as many, out of sheer desperation, cannot wait for help to arrive.   On our way home from the UN compound last Friday, crowds overthrowing food and water delivery trucks entering Port-au-Prince stopped traffic.

As tensions rippled through surrounding communities, our clinic in Pernier was being transformed into a food distribution center.  Over the weekend a tractor-trailer dropped off food supplies, which were stored on the first floor of the clinic.   When news spread that there was food stored at the clinic over 1000 persons lined up to receive rations the following day.  Although emotions were high, the day went smoothly with the help of five Jordanian UN Peacekeepers.  Our staff even treated over 80 patients on the second floor of the clinic.

Lines wrapped far and wide in both directions from the clinic entrance an even late in the day the crowd continued to arrive.

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