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Rainy Season Approaches in Haiti

February 09, 2010 - Haiti

From: democracynow.org

The United Nations is warning that Haiti may soon face another catastrophe as the rainy season approaches. Aid workers are racing to move victims outside floodplains and into tents. They are also trying to clear tons of debris from ravines, canals and riverbeds, so rain does not turn the camps into breeding grounds for disease.

Kim Bolduc of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti: “The concern now, obviously, is the rainy season that is about to come. So, regarding shelter, we are now considering the setting up of some hazard-resistant or hurricane-proof type of shelter. This is obviously a better solution, a more costly one, and probably it would take longer to bring them in here. We would recall that the port facilities are not operating. And basically, this equipment are very heavy, and they would need the port to be open to be able to bring them in. Otherwise, bringing them in by planes would have an enormous cost.”

How Real Medicine is preparing:

Before setting up a clinic we took the needs of the area to heart, including the coming change in season. We knew the rain was on its way and so we chose to set up a clinic in a building with a solid foundation and roof so that during the down pour people would be cared for in a safe, sterile, and dry environment.

Outside our clinic, we are also coordinating the shipment of tents to Haiti. Thanks to generous efforts and donations from friends here in LA we will be sending 15 tents to the island in the coming days.

If you would like to donate tents and rain gear please let us know, otherwise please donate funds so that we can purchase these items from or near Haiti, supporting local infrastructure and lessening shipment costs.

Thank you for all of your support. Donate now.

"Please don’t forget Haiti. Don’t allow the world’s spotlight to fade too quickly. There are still so many people who are depending on us to stay alive."–Dr. Martina Fuchs

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