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Peru – San Clemente

October 18, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

We met with an engineer with ACER who showed us some potential lots in the town of San Clemente which we could use for our clinic. Its looking more likely that we will be setting up shop in San Clemente. This town is about 6 km from Pisco along the major coastal road. They were very affected by the earthquake and it is actually a more impoverished area than Pisco. 25 thousand people reside in San Clemente and the area is growing rapidly. They are very much in need of healthcare. San Clemente can be easily accessed by residents from Pisco who are looking to receive our free services. In addition, San Clemente is gateway into Huancavelica. Huancavelica is a mountain state and they currently do not have any healthcare at all. People are trying to make the journey down to San Clemente by foot to see a doctor and they are dying along the road. Normally, the trip is 3 hours by car from San Clemente. We told ACER that we could set up an outreach program to train local people from different communities in Huancavelica to administer first aid…and to also identify those cases that need advanced treatment. We will then pay to have people transported down (or pick them up in our ambulance) to our clinic in San Clemente where they can receive further treatment. Our location and partnership will most likely be finalized next week, but this situation seems ideal.

We are also looking forward to a collaboration with PAMS. PAMS is an american NGO who does very similar work to RMF but on a much larger scale. They will actually be staffing their clinic with Peruvian and American specialists such as OBGYN, Radiologists, etc. They will be equipped with radiology equipment so diagnoses can be made. Our clinic will be affiliated with the PAMS clinic and it will serve as a place we can refer our patients for xrays or advanced procedures that we are not equipped to handle. It will also expand the reach of PAMS/RMF services as the 2 clinics will be in different locations near Pisco and will be able to service a larger population of people.

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