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Peru – Random Thoughts

October 18, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

Dust – Everything in Pisco is covered in dust. So much dust has been generated in Pisco due to the many collapsed buidlings. Sometimes when walking around, you find yourself in a haze of dust where your entire surroundings appear cloudy. Its also not very comforting to know that you are breathing the dust. Many people wear a mask over their mouths to fiter the dust. We have been told that many people are suffering from respiratory ailments brought on from the dust and I expect that many cases at our clinic will involve respiratory sicknesses.

Jitters – It is no surprise that the people in Pisco are on edge following such a catastrophe. On a few separate occasions, large trucks have rumbled by and the peoples´hearts skip a beat as they think another earthquake is upon them. One teenager named Pedro was listening to Rene´s ipod and a truck drove by. Before I even noticed the truck, Pedro had already stripped the ipod from his ears and he was half way to the door, full of fear. These people have seen carnage which I hope they never have to experience again. I imagine they will live in fear for the next few years.

School – Even though Pisco looks like a WWII warzone, everyone has done their best to resume to normalcy. The kids have all returned to school. Classrooms were some of the first structures to be rebuilt. They are merely cabins made out of playwood, but they serve their purpose. All of the school children wear very clean uniforms and it is amusing when school is let out and the children flood the streets.

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