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Madu’s own words

October 19, 2009 - Sri Lanka

"I am happy. The treatment I get from the R.M.F. gives me some hope and vision to my future life. Now I am 15 Years Old. "

Do you like to go to School?
Yes, of course. Now I feel I am like the other Girls. I have grown tall.

What is your Hobby?
Dancing. I attend a Dancing Class too.

What do you feel about R.M.F.? 
With this unfortunate destruction Lord Buddha had granted me a Real Blessing. Meeting Kind hearted and understanding persons. I am very thankful to Madam Martina. She is kind of a God for me. And I never forget Mr.Michael. I always love Real Medicine Foundation. Thank you all. I love all of you. My Parents too love all of you. Thank you.


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