The Fourth of July has been celebrated in the United States of America since independence was declared from the British Empire in 1776. The day is commemorated with many traditions, including backyard barbeques, fireworks, parades, and displaying the national flag.

While Real Medicine Foundation’s headquarters are based in the US, we are a global organization with more than 1,500 team members in 19 countries around the world. As our team in the US celebrates the 4th of July, our teams in Perú and Uganda look forward to upcoming celebrations.

Perú’s Military Parade

Perú, gained its independence from Spain in 1821, and Independence Day is celebrated on July 28 throughout the country, in commemoration of the declaration of independence in Lima and again on July 29, in honor of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Perú and the National Police of Perú.

Rosettes to be Worn

There are many cultural traditions to celebrate Independence Day in Perú. Some of these include displaying the national flag on homes and buildings, wearing the rosette, attending a national mass, the presidential speech, school and military parades, and gastronomic fairs. RMF Perú’s team celebrates together by taking part in some of these customs, such as wearing the rosette and also by enjoying a camaraderie-filled lunch together.

Uganda’s Independence Monument

Uganda’s national Independence Day is celebrated on October 9. Uganda gained its independence in 1962 from Great Britain. There are various celebrations across the country’s 121 districts, and a national celebration is always held in the capital city of Kampala, where the president gives a speech. Ugandans celebrate with many diverse cultural traditions, including native dance demonstrations, flag flying, and festivals. There is also a famous Independence Monument in Kampala that celebrates Uganda’s independence.

Joint Team Kampala, Bidibidi and Kiryandongo

RMF Uganda’s team always joins with the government at the regional level to celebrate Independence Day. For example, all of our staff in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement join the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and UNHCR to celebrate Independence Day with our partners in the settlement. In the same way, our staff members in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement also join the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and celebrate in Bidibidi.

RMF’s teams celebrate different independence days around the world, each reflecting unique cultures and traditions. While our celebrations and histories may differ, we share the same love of freedom and desire to build a better world together. Here’s to freedom, and here’s to RMF’s work, created and lived out by our diverse teams.

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