Michael Lear:
I sit here four days after arriving to Jimaní and am not able to explain what I have witnessed here.  Perhaps I’m tired. Perhaps it is the staggering amounts of amputations, stories of being trapped, crushed, losing everything, family, friends or homes – seeing so many orphaned children lying scared and alone in body casts – oblivious to what awaits them back at home in Port-au-Prince – utter destruction, chaos and collapse.

While all of this has left me silent, nothing leaves me speechless more than the contemplation of how these people will recover – so many doctors, nurses, medical support staff are needed for the next months, probably years to come to ensure their recovery.
Funding is desperately needed to establish long term healthcare solutions, provide psychological support, housing and of course food and water.

Please help us to sustain our effort to aid the people of Haiti.

Thank you.

Michael Lear

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