Gyenari Korean BBQ & Lounge has offered to host a Happy Hour for Haiti this coming Tuesday, January 26th from 5-8pm. 20% of all tabs will go to Real Medicine Haiti relief.

This is a bit last minute, a bit unexpected, but we hope you can stop by for a quick cocktail and snack for the sake of a country in need. Hope to see you there!

9540 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232-2631
(310) 838-3131
Get directions
(public parking is across the street in a lot on Cardiff Ave.–you get an hour free!)

Real Medicine Team Haiti Update:

Real Medicine’s team is headed to Jimaní on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We have identified two hospitals our doctors and nurses are able to work out of. Jimaní is the border town most overwhelmed by severely injured Haitians seeking medical help.

Our contacts on the ground are reporting that severely injured patients are arriving in containers, often 30-40 persons in one container. Many of them requiring amputations. We are accepting more doctors and nurses, especially trauma/ortho surgeons/nurses and anesthesiologists. We will continue to report from the ground. Thank you for your ongoing support making this possible.

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