A Look Back

Friends Helping Friends Helping Friends

RMF began in 2005 after Dr. Martina Fuchs felt compelled to travel to Sri Lanka to aid those who had been affected by the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. She thought that "as a pediatrician and also just as a person, [she] would be able to do something." Now, RMF is empowering people through 48 active initiatives spanning 21 countries.

What we do

As our friends and supporters, you know that Real Medicine Foundation provides humanitarian support focusing on the person as a whole by providing medical/physical, emotional, economic, and social support.

But what does that mean? It means that Bharati, a severely malnourished 24-month-old in India, is now growing. It means that Safina Haula, a refugee in Uganda, is able to provide for herself using skills learned in vocational training. It means that Deborah Achieng and other mothers living with HIV are not passing the disease to their children. It means clean drinking water, access to education, medically assisted labor and delivery, vaccinations, and so much more!

Thank You!

RMF is immensely grateful for our partners, supporters, and teams on the ground working to liberate human potential around the globe.

A Word from Dr. Martina Fuchs, CEO:

Turning 11 today, we’ve just started another growth spurt of our highly impactful work around the world. I’m so grateful to get to do what I love every day with these amazing people: our RMF family and supporters, and the global communities we are partnering with.

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