Real Medicine and Dionicess IV

On May 17th, a relaxing Sunday was paired with beer and chocolate, and decadence paired with non-profit donation at Louis Haiek’s SideBar in Glendale.

Another success for food writer and professor Gev Kazanchyan, Dionicess IV raised nearly $1,400 in donations for the Real Medicine Foundation. Featuring six beers donated by Stone Brewing Co. and eight gourmet chocolates donated by Mignon Chocolate, the afternoon was a feast of the senses.

Broken into two different sessions, 1-3pm and 4-6pm, Dionicess IV attracted people from all over the city with a number of well-known food writers and press attending as well. While many guests were familiar with past events by Gev Kazanchyan, others came from out of the blue attracted simply by their love for beer and chocolate.

Of course, regardless of what brought everyone to SideBar that Sunday–be it love of chocolate or love of charity–all were happy to have the opportunity to mix personal pleasure with international public health in a rare moment when dark beer and rich chocolate were truly guilt free. As Nate Sellergren of The Stone Brewing Company put it, “good beer, good chocolate, good cause… you can’t do any better than that!"

On behalf of The Real Medicine Foundation, I would like to thank all those who came together to make the event possible: The SideBar, Stone Brewing Co., Mignon Chocolate and jack-of-all-trades Gev Kazanchyan. RMF would also like to thank Harout Bursalyan, our event photographer, and the many writers and members of the press who have helped spread the word and tell our story.

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