"The No. 1 cause and cure of America’s [and the world’s] health care crisis is right under your nose – it’s what you put in your mouth."–Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Changes in lifestyle and eating habits, due to growing urbanization, are causing a surge in chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory complaints, and, of course, cancer, in developing countries.

Over the past ten years Sri Lanka has experienced economic growth that has lead to increased life expectancy, however, this progression is paralleled by a doubling in cancer cases throughout the country.

In developing countries like Sri Lanka where any medical care is scarce and often too expensive for most of the population, there is an important shift toward lifestyle change that focuses on prevention as a cure. In an effort to curb poor food choices and promote the importance of a healthy diet, Real Medicine has focused its efforts on Nutritional Education.

The Real Medicine Foundation, through scholarships provided Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Foundation, has made Dr. Campbell’s Web Based Plant Based Nutrition Course through eCornell available to the staff at Sri Lanka’s National Cancer Institute.
Though this effort has begun in Sri Lanka, Real Medicines goal is to provide education in such cost effective, natural treatment interventions and preventive strategies to all of it’s clinics worldwide.

More information:

Here is a link to a more in depth article by Dr. Campbell stressing the danger of poor food choices here and around the world.

Here is a link to more information about Real Medicine’s involvement in Sri Lanka.

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