One of the main dangers caused by disasters like Hurricane Maria is the lack of access to clean water. As of October 2, almost two weeks after the storm, 55% of people were still without access to drinking water. RMF has sent a team to bring some initial medical supplies, as well as analyze the situation and form local partnerships. To learn more about RMF’s proposed program, read more on our initiative page.

US military personnel directing a water tanker pulling out of a well station

Long lines forming to get water from a government-controlled well source

This Puerto Rican police officer (center), lives 2 hours away. His home has no power or running water, and he is working 16 hours a day. He is flanked by 2 NYC police officers who volunteered to come to PR. They work 12- to 15-hour shifts guarding the rare water source.

On our way to Ciales, we passed an area where residents were collecting runoff water.

These children are collecting runoff water, which is extremely dangerous. This shows how desperate people are for water.

Real Medicine Foundation is working to create a relief program in Puerto Rico, and we need your help! With your kind support, we can provide local medical professionals with the supplies they need to effectively treat patients and reach underserved populations.

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