As our friends and neighbors in Puerto Rico struggle to find food, water, shelter, and basic medical care after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, RMF has sent a team to bring some initial medical supplies, as well as analyze the situation and form local partnerships. This is the first in a series of daily posts from our team on the ground. To learn more about RMF’s proposed program, read more on our initiative page.

Outside the Ritz Carlton, San Juan. There are no working traffic signals in any part of the island, according to people we talked to. Our team is seeing 4-way stops everywhere, some with traffic cops, most without.

Military C-130 Hercules landing in San Juan. There are many military aircraft in the skies.

Caved-in building along the highway

Saturday night in San Juan is busy, and this is part of the street life along the main strip.

6- to 8-foot-high piles of hurricane debris throughout San Juan

Full moon in the clouds, next to one of the few hotels with power in San Juan

Real Medicine Foundation is working to create a relief program in Puerto Rico, and we need your help! With your kind support, we can provide local medical professionals with the supplies they need to effectively treat patients and reach underserved populations.

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