Continuing with the coverage of the floods in Pakistan and what this means for our clinic in Balakot, I came across a good article from the New York Times that details why it is so important for Western Countries, the US in particular, to lend a helping hand to the people of Pakistan.

NY Times article here

Time and time again, the poor and rural areas of a country like Pakistan are left behind infrastructure, economic development and health care, ,and with no one else offering a helping hand fundamentalist groups like the Taliban will always step in to fill this void.  Looking at the amount of resources the US has already committed to both Afghanistan and Iraq to combat extremism, it would be a tragedy to let this opportunity pass to aid these efforts and to improve our image in this part of the world.

Based on some of the comments in this article from officials in Washington, it sounds like this is understood, so we can only hope that these are more than promises, and that funding and resources arrives quickly.

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