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Armenia: A Little Boy From Svarants

January 27, 2011 - Armenia

By Arax Eleyjian

On December 20th at 3:00 am RMF-Armenia director, Nairy Ghazourian, received an emergency call from the RMF & ARS teams on the ground regarding an urgent matter involving a little boy who needed immediate care.

Two year old Daniel Mkrtchyan spilled boiled milk on himself resulting in severe burns across his body.  He is the youngest of four children of a socially disadvantaged family.  Their only source of income is government financial aid in the amount of 40,000 Drams ($110 US dollars) per month.  The family appealed to RMF to help them pay for Daniel’s medical bills which were estimated to cost approximately $488.00.

RMF, true to their calling, stepped in to assist the Mkrtchyan family.  Our colleagues based in Armenia transported Daniel to the nearest hospital in Goris using the RMF ambulance.  Unfortunately, this hospital was not equipped to treat Daniel’s severe condition.  He was then transferred to Sourp Nerses Hospital in Yerevan, who agreed to treat him due to the involvement of RMF and their pledge to cover the medical expenses.  For ten days Daniel remained under doctors’ supervision.  Updates on how he is doing since his hospitalization will be posted when available.

The family is very thankful to RMF and those who stepped in to help their son. RMF appreciates the team members on the ground in Armenia for their quick response in helping this child.

Finally, your generous donations made it possible to help this child from Svarants village.  Thank you for your continued support of RMF!

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