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World Refugee Day

Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Celebration

June 29, 2015 - Uganda

Naku Charles Lwanga and Alphonse Mwanamwolho

Celebration of World Refugee Day

The invited guests were the Minister for Disaster, the UNHCR Country Representative, the OPM Commissioner, all IP/OP Country Directors, and the Residential District Commissioner.

Every organization working at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement was tasked to exhibit what they do; as RMF we exhibited vocational materials which included tailoring products, carpentry products, we staged a temporary salon at the compound where a function was taking place, and invited guests inclusive of the UNHCR Country Representative were extremely happy to see what the refugees can do. “Vocational Training is solely in the hands of RMF, not being supported much but the result is self-explanatory”, the Representative said. RMF also hired a drama group to perform a play about the stigma associated with testing HIV positive. We staged cervical cancer screening and HIV testing; as the function was going on, people were coming for these two services. The UNHCR Country Representative asked us to put much more effort into the cervical cancer prevention. In this regard, UNHCR is willing to give us money to buy a TV screen so that we will be displaying educational information at Panyadoli Health Centre III on a daily basis on cancer prevention, HIV, and hygiene promotion. RMF’s effort was fully recognized and appreciated in the speeches of the invited guests.

All the organizations that contributed to this day were presented on this banner:

The Residential District Commissioner is here excited seeing a refugee with very healthy goats:

The UNHCR Country Representative watching our RMF staff doing HIV, cervical cancer awareness and condom promotion:

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