Program Manager: Health and Nutrition

This past Tuesday marked my 14th day in India, aka my deadline for registration with the government of India. Since landing in this beautiful country, I have hit the ground running. The programs developed and implemented by RMF-India are absolutely incredible. Despite the fact that I was here evaluating the malnutrition program in January, I was certainly unprepared for how much the programs have expanded. The community has become more familiar with the faces of Caitlin, Michael, Fabian, and the rest of the field-staff, and the programs are developing with a strong focus on community.

With some slight confusion, train travel, and broken Hindi, I finally registered with the government powers that be this morning. My handwritten FRO note is in my passport, and I’m about 60% sure that I’ll be able to leave the country in December without any major hurdles.

In my short time here, I have met with many of the major organizations contributing towards humanitarian and developmental efforts in under-nutrition and HIV/AIDS in India.  RMF is well received and respected by large organizations, as the only International NGO working directly with the Bhil tribal population in MP. I look forward to becoming more familiar with our programs, working to increase our efficacy and community-based sustainability, and creating technical/operating partnerships with other actors in this field.

For now, I am quickly adjusting to the fast life of Jhabua, squat toilets, regulated electricity, and all. Our landlady downstairs is attempting to teach me Hindi (difficult!), and I’m managing to keep up with my early morning yoga practice (while slowly converting the rest of the team into Ashtanga yogis!). It is exciting work this organization is doing in the world, and I’m very happy to be a part of the efforts.

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