New Medical Clinic in I.S.P. Tsunami Village, Yayawatta, Palapotha, Seenimodara, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Continuing To Reach Out to Children
Update May – July , 2008
Mrs. Minerva Fernando, Project Coordinator, Michael Lear, Country Director

Fast approaching is the two-year anniversary for the Real Medicine Clinic in Yayawatta Tsunami Village in Seenimodora. Our staff continues to provide high impact care to its community members, care that now reaches out to three surrounding communities, including Polapotha, Kadurupakona and Moraketi Ara. On average, 200 patients per month visit the clinic where over 3000 impoverished people have weekly access to free medical services.

In addition to medical services our staff provides psychological support to those still suffering from post-traumatic stress and models a strong value system for personal accountability for health and establishing and respecting social boundaries of fellow members of the community.

Please read more here: Yayawatta Medical Clinic, Sri Lanka

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