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The Energy of the NRC

June 21, 2010 - India

by Caitlin McQuilling

Two weeks ago the children we admitted we listless and dull-eyed.  Many were so dehydrated that when they cried there were no tears; the children were often too weak to make much noise at all.  Now as I write this I’m sitting in the middle of recovery – and its very loud.  After two weeks of therapeutic milk, micro-nutrients, and medicines, the children have gained weight and found new energy.  Two year old’s who have never walked are teetering on the edge of chairs, about to take off.  Toys no one touched are now being fought over.  They have the energy to fight!  And to cry!  It’s absolutely magical to see how two weeks of good medicine and therapy can transform a child – it’s brought their spirit back.  The energy of this chaotic room is tangible.  So tangible that I have quite the headache.

The mothers too are now at ease and starting to enjoy this process.  These women who have so much housework at home on their farms and with their multiple children now have the time to sit and bond and play with their children and get to know other mothers.  They’re all hanging out in our breezy, cheerful recreation room, spending time together while the kids play, and taking turns learning how to cook nutritious meals for each other.  They’re asking questions, getting more and more involved in group discussions and jumping in to counsel the parents of new patients about the importance of staying at the NRC for the full course of treatment.

Between the uphill battle of getting our NRC approved and operational and the stress of opening a center to cater to acutely ill patients, I haven’t been able to fully enjoy what an amazing place this is until right now as children run all around me and try to help with my typing. Shsdhfsoahsdfndsjcnosh.

I’m looking forward to watching this center evolve into a center of excellence and seeing this amazing cycle of recovery occur time and again with new children and new mothers.

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