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The Barwani Nutrition Team – Wearing Us Out

April 20, 2010 - India

by Caitlin McQuilling

Today Michael and I joined our team of Community Nutrition Educators in Barwani district in the field to see how their work is going. We set out to Dekhaliya village in the Parti Block of Barwani district, considered one of the most remote blocks in all of India. After leaving the paved road behind and travelling across a pitted tractor path, our jeep could not continue any further, leaving us on the banks of a bridgeless, dry riverbed. With no other choice, the entire team took off on foot up craggy hills and across streams. We battled blinding sandstorms and 118 degree heat, without a complaint from our bubbly, enthusiastic staff. We spent the day watching how each worker approaches a household, measuring each child using a MUAC tape (measurement of mid-upper arm circumference), and counsels the family on good nutrition and overall child health. We continue to be immensely impressed by the staff, not only for their great communication skills and ability to connect with the families of malnourished children, but also for their willingness to endure these extreme conditions and terrain.

A few pictures from our day:

photo: Its as hot as it looks

photo: Barwani staff

photo: Mid-stream MUAC

photo: Fishing – good protein!

photo: House calls

photo: On the road

photo: Barwani staff debriefing

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