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Sri Lanka: Annual Lunch

A Celebration of 8 Years of Service!

November 14, 2014 - Sri Lanka

Minerva Fernando

The Annual Lunch

a lovely thank you from Stephney Minerva Fernando, Project Coordinator, Sri Lanka

Purpose – To celebrate 08 LONG years of Service of the REAL MEDICINE CLINIC.

On the 25th of October 2014, all the members of the Real Medicine Foundation had experienced an enjoyable time participating to a delicious Lunch at GAYANA RESTAURANT, at Medaketiya in Tangalle.

This was to remember the efficient Service of the Clinic Staff, WITH THE MOST VALUABLE SUPPORT OF THE REAL MEDICINE FOUNDATION. We all give our Thanks & Appreciation & the Gratitude to our Executive Director of the Real Medicine Foundation, Madam Martina Fuchs, and not forgetting Mr. Jonathan White & all other Members of the Foundation for their long lasting support, to achieve the Friends helping Friends, in Global Wise. We are proud of being part of Real Medicine Foundation. Thank you All.

The delicious lunch

All are in a happy mood

Minerva (Project Coordinator) welcomes everyone to the Annual Lunch

Dr. Chamal (Medical Consultant) explains the service of the RMF Clinic

Imthiyaas (Director of Minath) gives a speach

Mrs. Sepali (Head Teacher of Palathuduwa Pre-school) thanking the foundation

Dickwells Minhath Staff enjoying the meal

Staff having lunch

Clinic Staff with their families enjoying the lunch

Medical Consultant Dr. Chamal and RMF Colleagues enjoying the meal

Boys of the Clinic Staff enjoy the beach

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