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Sports Festival at Minhath Pre-School in Dickwella, Sri Lanka

October 08, 2008 - Sri Lanka

by Michael Lear

On August 17th, 2008, the Minhath Montessori Pre-school hosted a regional sports event for the children of the school and the surrounding Muslim community. Our Project Coordinator, Minerva Fernando was invited as the featured guest to hand out the awards to the winners of the day’s events.

Minerva reports that the children enjoyed the sports festival and her visit provided her the opportunity to “witness the cooperation of the Muslim Community, not just parents but other members who came to watch the festival.”

Minerva explained that the families are appreciative of Real Medicine’s investment in their community by building the school and grateful for the dedication of Mr. Imthiyas, director of the school, who continues to reach out to children of all ages to provide opportunities for growth and personal development.

Mr. Imthiyas , the Director of the pre-school starts the after noon events with the “Search for Marbles” game and later in the day the kids enjoyed the Yogurt Eating Contest.

The last events were the Drill Display and the Fancy Dress Parade. For the Fancy Dress Parade there were: a Tourist, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Fisherman, Spider Man , a Tennis Player, a Foot Ball Player, and many Soldiers. At the end of the day Minerva and Mr. Imthiyas handed out the awards. Mr Imthiyas also received and award of appreciation from the community.

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