by Allison Glennon, Coordinator of Special Project, RMF Global Management Team

In April 2010, Lisa Suen of Los Angeles, one of our newest LA Marathon marathon runners, contacted me in a rather alarmed state. She and her good friend, Sharon Levy from San Diego, had been planning a humanitarian trip to India for years only to have it fall through at the last minute.

They had their tickets booked and were to depart in a matter of weeks but now, with the formal volunteer tour with a larger organization canceled, they felt abandoned.

Sure, they could go layout on a beach but the whole point of their quest was to do something positive for the local community–they wanted to help but they no longer knew how.

It was pure chance that she had found us through the LA Marathon Charity site in the first place, and after reading our mission she was inspired to run for our cause, but here she was taking another chance. After nearly a year of dialogue spent setting up their first trip with a different organization, organizing a replacement in a few short weeks with Real Medicine, an organization she had only recently met, seemed like a pipe dream.

None the less, she asked–and that was the beginning of one a life changing trip to Madhya Pradesh.

In late May, thanks to the hard work of our dedicated and dynamic team here and abroad, Lisa and Sharon were able to join us in the field where among other acts of generous giving they helped Baby William get back on the road to health after Severe Malnutrition in Devigrah, and celebrated the opening of our newest initiative to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS with a Drop in Center for Female Sex Workers in Meghnagar.

Just recently they have returned and once jet lag subsides more reports of their experiences are expected.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer with one of our programs abroad, please contact us! We would love to have you.

"Do with a purpose" – is my belief that resonates in my career, travels, running and most of all, helping others. When we are mindful of what we do with good energy put forth, the possibilities are endless. It is with this mind frame that I decided to run the 2010 LA Marathon for charity and once I discovered the core principles of RMF, I felt compelled to bring forth the passion to help. —Lisa Suen, after joining our LA Marathon team

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