The following information was taken from the article: Desperate Farmers Sell Wives to Pay Debts in Rural India.

In her article, Sarah Sidner describes how in India, husbands are selling their wives and parents are selling their daughters to pay off impossible debts incurred after years of drought and resulting crop failure.

Clearly, this is not simply an issue of poverty but also one of culture structure where women are seen as potential currency.

"Nobody’s going to support or help them. If a family decides not to help them, the system is already not so sensitized towards them, whether it is police, judiciary, whether the legal system. So the women themselves tend to withdraw these cases."–Ranjana Kumari with India’s Center for Social Research

In our India Initiatives Real Medicine is not only trying to alleviate the constant stress of malnutrition on a community, we are also trying to change the mind about women:

In a culture where women and girls tend to eat last, we stress the importance of women’s health, especially during pregnancy; where women are often kept out of school, we provide education for girls.

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