August 2009
By Carly Panchura

The RMF team in Pisco, Peru is busy serving an average of 68 patients a day!

The most common cases in the month of July were Respiratory System Diseases, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Muscular/Physical Disorders and Injuries, Urological Diseases, and Digestive System Diseases.

The health services provided include:
•    Pediatrics
•    Adolescent Health
•    Women´s Health
•    Adult Health
•    Geriatric Care
•    Pharmacy
•    Nursing Station / Triage
•    Prevention and Education
•    Inhalators
•    Ultrasound
•    Hematology

In addition to the daily health care services we provide to individual patients at Policlinico Peruano Americano, the staff has also focused on community education.  They have offered four educational sessions at the clinic during the month of July: 1) breastfeeding, 2) hand-washing, 3) body hygiene, and 4) pneumonia.

They have also continued their focus on outreach to the community outside of the clinic walls.  Early in the month, the Ministry of Health provided special information and instructions to staff concerning the AH1N1 virus. On July 24th, our clinic staff was placed in charge of educating the community in the district of Villa Tupac Amaru on the AH1N1 virus.  They distributed educational materials and presented a question and answer session at a Health Education Fair put on by the organization “Amar es Vivir”.  Sixty people participated.

Please visit our latest web album for more photos from the Fair and Seminars!

Real Medicine Foundation projects often partner with local organizations in our project countries. In Peru, the RMF team is also gearing up to be designated as a licensed Ministry of Health Clinic. On July 6th, the RMF Clinic Director travelled to Ica, Peru to visit the Ministry of Health and SUNAT. They hosted a visit two weeks later for the Ministry staff to see our space. The goal of the visit was to complete paperwork necessary to move forward with the certification process!

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation to support clinical operations or community outreach, please contact me at

The team is gearing up for a holiday celebration this Christmas, and is already designating children in need of gifts. If you would like to send a gift or make a donation for the team to purchase a gift nearby in Peru, please include your request in an email. Thank you for your support!

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