On September 21, 1991 the Republic of Armenia became free from the Soviet Union. A country with its rich history celebrates 19 years of independence. “The president Serge  Sarkisian as well as the Armenian Republic’s leadership along with thousands of citizens visited the military pantheon Yerablur and laid flowers and wreaths at the memorials of Artsakh’s heroes” (http://www.yerevanreport.com/40331/republic-armenia-celebrated-independence-day). During these times of commemoration many people of Armenia celebrate their freedom by joining together at the Republic Square; which is located in the city of Yerevan. At the square people rejoice by having musical guests and a night of beautiful fireworks.

The President of Armenia Serzh Sarkisian spoke to his people of how Armenia has come a long way from becoming the country that it is today. Based on the country’s growth Serzh Sarkisian states that “Today, we are on the road toward the economic recovery and now our task is to put economic growth on a solid foundation, with the assessment of the deficiencies in the world economic model that produced the crises” (http://asbarez.com/85603/armenian-president-serzh-sarkisian-tuesday-congratulated-the-armenian-people-on-the-19th-anniversary-of-armenia%e2%80%99s-independence-from-the-soviet-nion-news-am-reported/).

Many of the world leaders today congratulate Armenia for their independence and their moving developments to better their future. U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both shared their thoughts by sending their messages to Armenia on the growth of friendship and appreciation of Armenian Americans that have “made many contributions to the United States over the years, deepening the ties of friendship and affection between our countries” H.Clinton (http://www.armenianweekly.com/2010/09/21/clinton-statement-on-armenia-independence-day/ ).

As Armenians commemorate their independence, another organization has also been celebrating their 100th Anniversary. As part of Real Medicine Foundation’s motto of “friends helping friends”, RMF has partnered with Armenian Relief Society (ARS) who has been the helping hand of the projects in Shinuhayr and its other surrounding six villages in Armenia for the past 100 years.

ARS has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in the year 1910 in New York City. At first ARS started as part of the International Red Cross until it became strong enough to grow its own wings and become an organization of its own. “Today, with entities in 26 countries and a membership of around 15,000, the ARS is an independent, non-sectarian philanthropic society serving the humanitarian and cultural needs of the Armenian people” (http://ars1910.org/?page_id=3). The ARS branches from all over the world have been celebrating their big accomplishments throughout the year. The celebrations in Armenia will take place October 11th through the 15th. Many galas held place within the United States chapters; remembering the past and the great services this organization has built. Many of the guests that have attended the ARS gatherings have been “benefactors, organizational representative, church leaders, and U.N. representative” (http://ars1910.org/?p=1054).

Real Medicine Foundation is thankful for their friendship with ARS and would like to congratulate them on 100 years of humanitarian services throughout the world. RMF also congratulates Armenia for 19 years of freedom and independence, and looks forward to continue to deepen their connection to help bring a brighter future for the people of Shinuhayr, Armenia.

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