Real Medicine Foundation joins Big Sunday to expand the Nuestra Clinica in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles Ca.

In July of 2008, doctors Carol Daugherty and Greg Jahangiri opened the Nuestra Clinica for the vastly underserved people of Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. Now, less than a year later, they have over 600 active patients and provide about 100 people per week with general care such as: physicals, vaccinations, std testing and treatments, gynecological and obstetric care among others.

From its inception, the clinic has been built on the principal of providing patient oriented healthcare with a focus on bridging the gap left by many health plans that are often limited in coverage and scope of care. In the same vein, those without coverage are not turned away even if they are unable to pay the low treatment fees ($30).

"We hardly ever say no to anyone who cannot pay, we will even take less of a profit just to ensure that our patients get the care they deserve," says Dr. Daugherty.

This year, Real Medicine Foundation ( has partnered with Big Sunday ( in recognition and support of Nuestra Clinica’s work. Together, we hope to expand the services offered at the clinic so that its founders, Dr. Daugherty and Dr. Jahangiri will be able to realize their dream of treating the “whole person” by introducing new community building programs such as computer and job training courses, and alternative healing methods such as yoga stress release, nutrition, and natural approaches to managing diabetes.

With 99% of their patients Spanish speaking only–first generation or new generation immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua–Nuestra Clinica also hopes to teach English to children and adults as a second language.

Beginning May 2nd and 3rd with the help of Real Medicine and Big Sunday volunteers, the 2000 square foot space, featuring four exam rooms, two offices, one OB education room, a waiting room and a small staff room, will be expanded upstairs to allow two new rooms for these new courses and services.

None of the new work will affect the hours of operation currently run at the clinic: Monday- Friday 9-5:30pm and Saturday 9-1pm. The clinic is located at 3004 Whittier Blvd. LA, CA. 90023 between Soto St. and Lorena Blvd. in Boyle Heights.

For more information or to make an appointment, phone (323) 264-0535 or visit:

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