Real Medicine Foundation in partnership with Google held another two day free Medical Camp for the Flood Victims of Pakistan on this past weekend of November 13 and 14, 2010 in Union Council Sardaryab, District Charsadda, KPK, Pakistan. The Medical Camp was inaugurated by Dr. Asghar (formerly senior team member of Save the Children) at UC Sardaryab, Charsadda.  The patients were mostly women and children. A 10-member team of volunteers helped to facilitate the medical camp. This camp, as our previous free medical camps, was divided into various sections, such as registration counter, different specialist OPDs, pharmacy and patient waiting halls.

  • 1,497 patients were treated on Saturday, November 13
  • 2,109 patients were treated on Sunday, November 14
  • A total of 3,606 patients were treated in 2 days

Of these 3,606 patients

  • 71% were female
  • 29% were male
  • 19% were children below the age of 12

The team consisted of 29 medical doctors (14 on Saturday & 15 on Sunday) representing a wide range of specialties; the final figures of specialized care made possible are as follows:

  • 880 patients – OPD/General Medical; of these patients
  • 230 patients presented with Malnutrition
  • 167 presented with Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • 45 patients – General Surgery
  • 676 patients – Dermatology
  • 132 patients – Ophthalmology
  • 187 patients – ENT
  • 685 patients – Pediatrics (Children below the age of 12)
  • 623 patients – Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • 67 patients – Orthopedics
  • 86 patients – Dentistry/Oral Hygiene
  • 101 patients – miscellaneous, such as general body aches (not specifically to categorize according to WHO criteria)
  • 124 patients were referred to tertiary hospitals for follow up and advanced care.

The RMF medical team will be able to follow these patients at the hospitals where they work.

For this camp, too, the response from the community was excellent. Local notables, Government officials, politicians and religious leaders also visited the camp and appreciated the great effort of RMF and Google.

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