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Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles-based international nonprofit Real Medicine Foundation participated in World Humanitarian Day this Sunday, August 19th. World Humanitarian Day is an international day promoted by the United Nations to recognize those who have lost their lives – and those who continue to spend their lives – in the course of humanitarian work around the world.

The day is described as a “global celebration of people helping people.”

Real Medicine has operated on exactly this philosophy since the day it was founded in 2005, shortly following and inspired by the events of the Asian tsunami.  CEO and Founder Dr. Martina Fuchs created a nonprofit organization of “friends helping friends” to network, collaborate, and strategize together to address crucial health needs in times of crisis as well as create sustainable, locally-supported solutions to longstanding healthcare issues. The concept has resulted in tremendous growth and success for Real Medicine.

Fuchs says, “The concept of ‘people helping people’ can not be underestimated. When I began asking friends to help me offer humanitarian aid and healthcare in a structured way around the world, I had no way of knowing that our execution on that concept would lead those “friends helping friends” to create services available to 8 million people throughout the world, across four continents just a few years later.”

The UN General Assembly declared World Humanitarian Day in December 2008, designating August 19 as the day of celebration, to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad, an event that killed 22 UN staff.   An additional aim of this Day is to put attention on humanitarian needs worldwide as well as highlight the importance of international cooperation to meet those needs.

Dr. Fuchs celebrated World Humanitarian Day with Real Medicine as she arrived in South Sudan, where Real Medicine has partnered with the Ministry of Health to create the Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery to provide highly qualified healthcare staff to the fledgling nation that suffers from the highest maternal mortality in the world.

Fuchs says, “If there is one thing I could wish for people to realize on this day, it is how much every single one of us can do.”

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Real Medicine Foundation is at the new frontier of humanitarian aid, creating long-term solutions to health care and poverty-related issues around the globe. By creating effective models and adaptable solutions, we empower local people, providing necessary care and strategic resources so we can pave the way for communities around the world – in the US, Africa, Latin America, and Asia – to become strong and self-sufficient.


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