How Real Medicine is colloborating with UNICEF, Oxfam and the World Health Organization:

-Workshops for proper wound care, primary prevention of ARI, skin diseases, and sanitation will be conducted.

-Health education materials for primary prevention and early warning signs for disease developed by W.H.O. and the government of Pakistan will be used.

-In consultation with UNICEF, a vaccination program against measles will be implemented by conducting surveys using HOAP’s volunteer network together with the nurses and doctor coordinating the process.

-Oxfam will help HOAP/Real Medicine implement a water and sanitation project.

-HOAP/Real Medicine will implement a basic health education component in the 25-30 schools that are being rebuilt by HOAP in Shawal Moizullah.

-W.H.O. in collaboration with the government of Pakistan will rebuild the basic health unit using a prefabricated structure by mid February at which point the HOAP/Real Medicine medical staff will work there.

-In the meantime W.H.O. will provide 1-2 medical tents to HOAP/Real Medicine that will serve as OPDS for the basic health unit until the prefabricated structure is ready.

-After 6 months, the government and local community will take over the health care apparatus once they have recovered sufficiently from the earthquake.

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