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Real Medicine Clinic – Peru Photos!

January 02, 2008 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

The inauguration celebration for our new clinic in San Clemente/Pisco, Peru took place on December 10th.

Here are some photos:

Steve Henrichon & Rene Castillo did a fantastic job establishing this clinic in just two months. We had provided medical services out of a temporary facility after the August 15 earthquake. Now, at the permanent clinic, the number of patients per day some days already reaches 70. Patients start lining up at 5am in the morning. San Clemente has about 25,000 inhabitants, almost all of them living in poverty, a big percentage without access to water and electricity.

There is about 70% destruction of buildings through the earthquake. We received a grant from Merck & Co. to establish and start the clinic. We have a staff of two doctors, two nurses, and a pharmacist/lab technician as well as a nurse for the nearby school of 3,600 students, who already started workshops for the kids on hygiene, etc. UCLA/Cedars Sinai is looking into establishing a training program for residents/medical students in our projects, probably starting at our clinic in Peru.

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