Much of the incoming aid has been concentrated in the capital of San Juan, which means rural towns and communities, like Ciales, are more vulnerable. RMF has sent a team to bring some initial medical supplies, as well as analyze the situation and form local partnerships. To learn more about RMF’s proposed program, read more on our initiative page.

A monument high on a hilltop, overlooking the valley and town of Ciales (to the right)

Valley of Ciales

A Puerto Rican Flag waves as a storm approaches in Ciales.

Hundreds line up for boxes of foodstuffs supplied by the Red Cross. Distribution was soon interrupted by heavy rain.

RMF’s Edwin Rodriguez graciously helps 2 women with their box.

The rain comes down hard. A man sees me with my camera and invites me to take pictures of his destroyed home. He built this home only last year.

Real Medicine Foundation is working to create a relief program in Puerto Rico, and we need your help! With your kind support, we can provide local medical professionals with the supplies they need to effectively treat patients and reach underserved populations.

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