In addition to complete power loss, medical supply stockpiles are depleted. Medical providers are desperate for help. RMF has sent a team to bring some initial medical supplies, as well as analyze the situation and form local partnerships. To learn more about RMF’s proposed program, read more on our initiative page.

A house crushed by a downed power line in Vega Baja. Destruction like this is everywhere in Puerto Rico.

Another tree that took out a power line

Entrance to Dr. Rodriguez’s clinic. The roof was torn off in the storm.

This is how medicine is functioning in most of Puerto Rico: no lights in a hot room. The light of a cell phone ensures the proper dose.

We give medical staff a duffle of RMF supplies in a dark supply closet.

Real Medicine Foundation is working to create a relief program in Puerto Rico, and we need your help! With your kind support, we can provide local medical professionals with the supplies they need to effectively treat patients and reach underserved populations.

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