CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs traveled to Bantayan Island to assess the medical situation  following Typhoon Haiyan (the main hospital suffered serious damage) and learned that the typhoon practically decimated the fishing industry as well; 90% of households depend on fishing. Here are a few photographs from that trip.

To Bantayan Island


Children, Bantayan Island

Destruction, Bantayan Island

Food Distribution for Typhoon Victims

Little Boy, Bantayan Island

Destruction, Bantayan Island

Woman, Bantayan Island

Destroyed Poultry Farm, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island People Cleaning Up Typhoon Debris

Destroyed Satellites

Mother and Child — Typhoon Survivors — Amazing Attitude

Children in Bantayan

Young Girl

Bantayan District Hospital

Typhoon Destruction, Bantayan District Hospital

Pharmacy, Bantayan District Hospital

Destroyed Power Lines in Bantayan

Destroyed Power Lines (City Offices)

Little Girl in Bantayan

Bantayan Municipality Office, Relief Operations

Destroyed Boat, Bantayan Island

Damaged Buildings

At the Market in Bantayan

Damaged Fish Market Building

Market, Bantayan

Trisikad Parking Area

Some of the eggs left to be sold at the market. Many of the poultry farmers we spoke with lost everything in the Typhoon.

Family in Bantayan

Bantayan Beach

Early in the morning — the beauty juxtaposed with the devastation reminded Martina of Sri Lanka after the tsunami.

Medical relief team from Spain, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

Leaving Bantayan Island

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