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Peru – Tent Clinic in the works

October 24, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

The collective decision has been made to start offering health services out of a tent while we scout the area for possible buildings suitable for our clinic.

We can secure some tents from Caritas. The tents are to be set up in the Plaza de Armas (town center) in front of ACER’s office. The medicine will be locked in the office and the Good Doctor will be able to see patients in the tents. We will also borrow one of the guards from city hall to help with crowd control. It may be a lengthy process before we can secure a building for our clinic so we might as well get the clinic up and running in a temporary capacity in the meantime so the people can begin receiving healthcare. Our tasks for the next few days involve finding a pharmacy to buy medicine in bulk, and a medical supply distributer from which to purchase basic medical equipment.

Looking for a building is tough work. Should we rent? Buy? Build? There are only a few suitable buildings in San Clemente for sale/rent and it has proven very difficult to get in touch with the owners. There is one site that looks perfect. A businessman by the name of Señor Chuay is currently in the process of purchasing the location and he may be interested in renting the spot to us.

The property in question is actually a piece of commercial real estate. It is very secure, we would be able to park a truck/ambulance inside the grounds, it has a house on the grounds, etc.

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