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Peru – School Campaign

November 19, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

On Monday, November 19th we participated in a school campaign. We put a sign up at the clinic which stated we were closed for the day and we moved shop to the grade school in San Clemente. On this project, we worked with Caritas. Caritas provided all of the medicines and we provided the staff. We saw about 45 children during the day. I had a lot of fun with the children and, as always, I am quite a hit with the youngsters. I guess if this whole medical school thing doesn’t work out, I can enjoy a successful career as a party clown.

The Cuban doctors were also at the medical campaign as well as a group of Canadian dentists who had an entire suite of portable dental equipment. There was even a group of student hair stylists who were giving haircuts to all of the children who needed their hair cut. It was an eventful day and the students were very excited to have so many international visitors.

One very important thing we noted at this campaign is that the school does not have a school nurse. There are 3600 students at the school and they cannot afford a school nurse. We took note of this and we started discussions about installing a school nurse and an infirmary for the school. Hold that thought.

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