November 29, 2008

Steve Henrichon

We originally decided on “Clinica de las Americas.” We dropped that name less than one day later when Rosy heard an advertisement on the radio for another “Clinica de las Americas” in Pisco. What are the chances?

We settled on POLICLINICO PERUANO AMERICANO. We threw the “Americano” in there to appeal to those who may be prefer to visit an American sponsored facility for their care, which seems to be most people. The term Policlinico is actually the most descriptive name for our clinic. We are not considered a “clinica.” Peruvians consider a Clinica to be small hospital complete with several specialties. A policlinico is a small medical center which has a few services, usually referring to the inclusion of a laboratory which we will have in a couple months. In the states, any health center smaller than a hospital, we refer to as a “clinic.” Everything is a clinic. In Peru, there are several specific terms for the different structures…Hospital > Clinica > Policlinico > Centro Medico > Posta.

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