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Peru – New Computer

October 22, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

The next couple days were spent working with ACER.

We looked at a couple potential locations, none of which were satisfactory.

We set up a joint bank account and got the ball rolling regarding our permit.

Even though we be working in San Clemente, we decided to stay at Fanny’s hostel in San Andres and make the 15 minute commute every day. We worked out a great deal to rent a room for 1 month. The room even has a high-speed internet hookup so we could set up a computer and start creating an office for which to call homebase.

We took a two day trip to Lima, where we ran many errands, one of which was the purchase of a new desktop computer to set up in our room/office. It is nice to finally be able to settle down and make ourselves at home.

We also met with Vanessa Vertiz and Dr Oscar Espinoza with MSD. MSD is the name of Merck’s branch in Peru. Rene was really looking forward to this meeting because he would finally have the chance to sit back and listen to my presentation for once since Vanessa and Oscar speak English. We brought MSD up to speed on the state of our project so everyone is on the same page.

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