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Peru – Location Update

November 10, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

While the doctor administers healthcare out of the tent, we will continue to finalize plans for a permanent structure to house our clinic. Right now we have two options…that may or may not pan out. The first, our favorite, is centrally located. It is a piece of commercial property…an open lot confined by a huge steel gate. Inside the grounds, there is a two-story modern house which is equipped with water and electricity. This property is currently in escrow and the new owner intends to rent it. He is not able to show it to us until the sale is final which we expect to be in another week.

The second option is a large green house. It is not as centrally located, but it is still on the Panamericana highway. It has three clean modern bathrooms (which is luxury!!!!), several rooms, and a lot of windows. This is a good backup option if our first option doesn’t pan out.

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