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Peru – Another Trip to Lima?

November 30, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

Since we now moving into a large house, we could take the next step of expanding our services by traveling to Lima for another very lonnnnng day of purchasing medical equipment.  Guillermo and David refined a list of equipment we needed before the trip.  David stayed behind and worked at the clinic while Rene, Guillermo, and I traveled to Lima.  We had a two-page list of equipment we intended to purchase.  We gave copies of the list to several equipment vendors which line the streets on Emancipation Avenue.  This enabled us to compare quotes of individual items so we could make sure we were getting the best deals.  We bought exam tables, pediatric tables, gynecological exam table, surgery utensils, resuscitators, air splints, pinchers, pantascopes, stethoscopes, negatoscope, materials for casts…it was an extensive list.  We carried as much of with us on the bus and we shipped the rest.

In addition to the medical equipment purchase, we expanded our medicine formulary.  We now have over 100 different medicines to offer to our patients.  Good thing we have a dedicated room for the pharmacy in the new clinic.  The room will be filled with racks which rise to the ceiling and those racks will be filled with medicine.

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