As Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Pakistan have begun to move back home from the aid camps in Swat Valley many are found caught in the violence between the government and the Taliban.

Different groups are beginning to be seen as targets in the violence, one being young girls going to school.

Girls are forced to trade their uniforms for street clothes and hide their books in their shawls so that they do not get taken away and burned. Schools have been bombed and many girls are being banned from attending those that are still standing.

But, even in the chaos, there are those willing to help.

Click here to read the full article published in CNN as it highlights the issues facing young women in the area and the efforts of Stanford’s Shajar-e-llm, or Tree of Knowledge, in their “school retreat” program for girls.

While programs like this have been set up to relieve those who have found themselves trapped in violence at home, RMF remains in Swat Valley providing medical care and education for IDPs in the camps. For more on our work, please visit:

The simple fact is that the people of Pakistan need help so any group working in Pakistan needs support. With millions of people living with nothing, some with no hope of every going home, the situation is critical at best.

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