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We are excited to announce that we have another PSA that will be running on this time raising awareness for the people of Turkana, Kenya.

The Turkana are an ancient tribal people of Northern Kenya who for generations have lived rural, pastoral lives that rely heavily on the rainy seasons and the 2 rivers that run through their land for water. In this arid region however, water can be very scarce and in 2009 a devastating drought swept across Kenya, killing livestock, crops and children.

Suddenly, families were forced to live off whatever they could find in the wild; children, dressed in little more than a sheet, were forced to walk 20 miles over hot sand for a gallon of water; fathers unable to bare the shame of watching their families perish, simply vanished into the desert.

With families torn apart, Real Medicine stepped in to help by immediately providing enough food and water for 4500 people for one month and has since begun a longer term initiative to help the people here receive aid on a more regular basis.

This 42 second PSA is a longer cut of the 30 second PSA that has now aired online. It features editing by Dan Flugger, RMF Director of Post Production

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